Father’s Day marks a time to celebrate with your family and cherish all the beautiful memories. This occasion is just around the corner and if you still haven’t thought about a gift, then we’ve got the ultimate gift guide for you.

You can start the day with a handmade card and few messages from all the siblings and even your mom. Show your gratitude to the special man in your life with some thoughtful gifts.

Buy him a cool pair of shades or glasses

Whether your dad wears glasses or shades, make sure he stays on style with your gift. Gift him a cool pair of glasses or sunglasses that he can’t stop flaunting.

Show him how to use a smartwatch

Men and technology always go along! But, if your father is old school and still wears his 10-year-old watch, then you need to update his style with a trendy digital watch. PS: Give him few days to get used to it and patiently show him how it works. Trust us, it would all be worth it!

Gift him the useful car mobile holder

When it comes to using phones or even Google Maps for routes, our fathers are hardly up for it. Teach him how to use maps for routes and keep a car mobile holder handy. This way, it will always be easy for him to get used to maps. Plus, it would get a little easier and safer for him to take a call while driving.

Go tech savvy with a digital photo frame

This is something that will surprise him—a digital photo frame that keeps displaying photos without a need of a photo or printer. Make sure you add all the good photos so that he can cherish the good memories.

Make a perfect memory-lane photo collage

You can also make a cute collage of all the photos that you have! Make a good timeline series from your childhood days to present, to celebrate your beautiful bond. This Father’s Day, gift him something that will make him smile whenever he sees it.

Go for fun family dinner date
Take a day off and make sure you stay with your family on this occasion. Watch some funny movies or his favourite shows from his time. Then, go for a fun dinner with family and make sure everyone keeps the phone away. To make it exciting, take him to a fun place and make him try something he never tried before, like tacos or yummy waffles.

Pamper him with a self-stirring mug

If your father hates the kitchen work or even stirring his milk, then this mug will amuse him. All he needs to do is a press a button and let the stirring happen on its own.

Give him health goasl with a fitness band

If your father goes for regular walks and running, then he will love the idea of this gift. Teach him how to use a fitness band including how to count his steps and keep a check on his sleep time.

Card holder with his initials

If he loves to stay organized, then this holder will come pretty handy. Get him a customized leather case which can house his passport and all the important cards.

Make him cool by gifting him jogger pants and pool sliders.

Give your father the gift of comfort styling. Gift him a comfy pair of jogger pants and cool sliders that he can wear all day and even when he heads out for shopping with mom.

Make him happy with Bluetooth speakers

Does your father like listening to old songs? Then he will enjoy the idea of Bluetooth speakers. Gift him a handy speaker that he can use at any time of the day and easily browse songs from his phone.

Be thoughtful and buy him a key finder

This small electronic device can be really helpful if he is the one who keeps forgetting where he kept his keys.

Spoil him with a perfect grooming kit

The more the better, give him a perfectly curated kit with all the essentials. From a luxe cologne to a trimmer, it will be just perfect for his everyday use.

Make him watch movies on a tablet

Does your father still like the idea of using computers for just browsing? Then you ought to make his internet-surfing style extra comfortable with a tablet. Gift him a multi-purpose tablet, where he can browse, watch movies and even play some games